August 13, 2011

Jet Lag....Jet Lagging...Jet Lagged

We have officially been home from our Alaskan cruise for a week now. While we were gone we had a 3-4 hour time difference,which is a measly few hours, right? Wrong. The two T's of the family (Tyler and Tonya) have struggled to adjust back to the "normal" time. Tyler, who typically is an incredible sleeper and HATES to sleep with Mom and Dad, has been crawling in our bed every night. Last night was the FIRST time since we have been home that he slept through the night in his own bed. Hopefully, he has settled back into his old routine, keeping my fingers crossed on that one, and my toes, for good measure.
 One night this past week, at 1:13 AM- I know the exact time, since I just so happened to still be awake, Tyler once again climbed into our bed. He typically climbs over Jonathan and sleeps in between us, but he couldn't muster up the energy, I guess ,because he climbed up and sprawled out right on top of Jonathan. I laid there amazed, first, because our son could sleep in that position, and second because my husband could sleep through it. I had to stop my redecorating project, and I started thinking that if Jonathan turned over it could send our son plummeting off our bed to his death , well at least injury. After much deliberation, I finally woke my hubby up to fill him in on the fact that he had a small, 27 pound child sleeping on his chest. Hubby awoke with great surprise, and then carried the small insomniac back to his bed.
 I'm hoping that last night's full night of sleep for Tyler is the end of his restless nights. Hopefully that will help my restless nights, too:) Although, I must say I have accomplished so much in the early morning hours over the last week. I completely redecorated the boys rooms, I scrubbed my house top to bottom and cleaned out cupboards and closets---too bad I only planned this all out in my head, and none of it actually came to fruition. ha.
Here's what I hope to see Tyler doing at 8:30 tonight....SLEEPING.

Just in case I have trouble sleeping tonight, if anyone has any projects that need accomplished I am more than happy to plan it all out for you. ha!

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  1. They look so precious! The whole "productive day planning in the mind" is something I do all the time too. I will fall asleep to images and plans of my house sparkling and so much getting done, yet the morning always has different plans, haha.