August 22, 2011

No Use Crying Over Spilt Milk

I've decided to take a sabbatical from laundry.  Not because I hate laundry, but every time (okay, so slight exaggeration) I go out to the garage to switch my laundry, disaster erupts inside my house. My solution: No More Laundry.

Tonight, right after supper, I decided to run out and switch my load of laundry. Here is the sight that greeted me when I returned to the kitchen.
You would think that Zach was the one that created this mess, but he was innocent. I caught the culprit red handed. Tyler was taking big drinks of his milk and then spraying it all over Zach. Lovely. As you can see, Zach thought it was hilarious, which is probably why Tyler continued squirting him. Zach has officially been given a milk bath....who knows, maybe he will have extremely supple and silky skin by morning.:)

The boys played in their "tunnel" quite a bit today. The only issue with the "tunnel" was that Tyler was more enthralled with it than Zachy. Zachy would try escaping and Tyler would grab his leg and try pulling him back in, which would cause Zach to let forth a great screech. I even caught Tyler trying to pick him up and carry him back to the tunnel on one occasion. The infamous tunnel....
                   Tyler has his hand out prepared to stop Zach if he even thinks of escaping.

             I love watching the boys play together, and hope they will become the best of friends!

I have noticed recently that Tyler is becoming more loving. At night time, he has to give us a kiss, a hug, and a squeeze:) I love it! He told me today, " Mommy, you are my best friend". I treasure those moments with him~he is growing up way too fast! I pray that God will give me wisdom in raising these precious little guys!
Back to the laundry issue, I know taking a sabbatical from laundry won't work~so, I've come up with a better plan. I will strap Zach to my left leg, Tyler to my right leg, and waddle to and from the garage. Problem solved. Now, if I could only figure out what to do with them when I use the restroom :) haha.

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