August 18, 2011


Recently Tyler has been very interested in who is in his family. He asked me the other day if Zach was his family, and I explained that yes, he was his brother. Yesterday, he asked my mom if Cocoa, who is their at least 10 year old poodle, was his Grandma. Mom explained to him that no, she wasn't his Grandma. He then wanted to know if she was his family...and I believe Mom said yes. So, here is our latest family member, Grandma Cocoa.  As long as no one inherits her breath, we are safe. Or her eyes, for that matter, I'm guessing she has two very ripe cataracts.

Tyler decided today that he was old enough to work. He wants to work for Mama, and only Mama, cutting her grass. He stipulated that he wanted to use Papa's mower, which is a big old beast of a  lawn mower.  We asked him how much he would charge to mow her lawn~ $4.00 was his ready reply. He quickly changed it to  $4.00 for each piece and then settled with $4.00 for every two minutes. I think he should have just stuck with his first $4.00...he's a greedy little thing.

Our other little bundle, Zach,  is very modest, even when bathing he doesn't want to remove any article of clothing.

Last night, I had already put Tyler in the tub and Zach was right there with me, or so I thought. I leaned down and got the lotion out from under the sink, and I heard Tyler say, "Zachy's in the bathtub". What??? I didn't even hear a splash, and I was right there. Needless to say, I am going to have to watch him like a hawk. He scared the living daylights out of me for a second! He was perfectly fine, and quite happy with himself.

Happy Thursday! Aren't you glad tomorrow's Friday?? I know I am!

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