August 25, 2011

Consignment Sale Finds & Our Song Writing Guitarist

I went to the consignment sale today and bought a few items for the boys. It killed me to pay the prices since I am Yard Sale Queen, but I did find a few things I couldn't live without.

Black Bass Dress Shoes for Tyler- $5.50
Red Train Sweater for Tyler- $6.00 (OUCH)
Gray Long Sleeved Train Shirt For Zach- $1.50 ( That's more my speed)

Last, but definitely not least, a pumpkin longall for Zach (new with tags) -$10.

Have I mentioned how much I love smocked outfits on little guys?  Husband, he isn't quite as much a fan, and didn't get my excitement over this outfit! :)
I wanted to share yet another video of Tyler and his new guitar. Not only is he advancing in his guitar playing, but now he is writing some stellar music. We need to work on his song writing variety though because all of his songs revolve around icebergs. Ever since we got back from Alaska he has been requesting to see video clips of the "strong ice". Hence the recurrence of ice in all of his music:)

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