September 13, 2011

Tuesday's Tyler-isms

There truly is never a dull moment in our home. Sometimes, Tyler makes me howl with laughter, sometimes I'm howling with frustration, and then there are those moments that I'm howling with tears. I love him to pieces regardless of what howling stage I'm in :) A few moments ago, he told me he had caused a mess on Zach's shirt~ uh,oh. Zach's shirt didn't look messy other than remnants of his lunch (good old pb&j), then I patted his shirt and realized I was patting a living, breathing sponge. Tyler had poured most of  my entire cup of water on Zach ( too bad I forgot to put Z in swim diapers today) - I am not exaggerating when I say he was dripping wet and his diaper had to weigh a good 3-5 pounds. Tyler was trying to be helpful by giving Zach a  drink, but his plans didn't go so well. Zach had his second bath of the day, and was unphased by it- although, I did notice he was walking around stiff legged like he was carrying a load. ha.

Just for my memory sake ( and for Pappy and Grandma) , I thought I would try  write down a few things Tyler has said recently.

 1. I saw him taking the lid of our Boggle game, and stopped him to ask him what he was doing. He held up his hand to show me a dice and said, " Mom, I'm just putting this back where it lives".
2. He told me the story of Moses it went something like this.... did you know there was a big shark and then he spit him out like this ( and of course, he showed me how it all went down sputtering and spitting;). I believe he had the wrong name, he must of meant MoNah. :)
3. When told that he needed to go to the bathroom before playing with his toys he said, " He-Haw, that's a good idea!
4. He is becoming so loving, and Daddy does not leave the house at any time without giving a kiss, hug and a squeeze--in that order. The other day Daddy was in a hurry and forgot, and Tyler cried and cried and cried for a good five minutes:( 
5. We had company Sunday night, there were thirty of us in all, and he loved every minute. When everyone was leaving he said, "Don't leave me" in this pitiful voice. I did notice that three of the ones he stopped were girls in their early twenties....( although he calls them kids) hmmm, let's hope this isn't a pattern...liking the older woman:)

Last, but not least, Zach wanted to stop by and say "HELLO".


  1. Hi Tonya :o)
    I found your blog and I am really enjoying reading it! You have such a way with telling about things that is funny, refreshing, entertaining and makes the reader think! Keep up the good blogging! I watched the videos of Tyler with Caleb and we loved them and Caleb is drooling over Tyler's bed! ;o) Tyler is a joy to have in SS and you are doing a great job as his mommy!
    From one happy mommy to another!
    -Liz Flowers

  2. Liz,
    So glad you found us:) Tyler LOVES being in your SS class!!! Thanks for all your hard work! We will be out of town this Sunday, and I know he is going to miss you:)