September 8, 2011

The Pilgrim People

I decorated for fall this week. I know,  technically fall does not begin until the 21st, but hey what's a couple weeks. One of my absolute favorite fall decorations is a pilgrim couple. Bet you can't guess where I found them??? Ding. Ding. Ding. If you guessed yard sale--you were right :) Tyler, has grown fond of my pilgrim couple, and yesterday went and stood beside them asking for his picture to be taken. haha.

Tyler adores  his cousin, Katie, who is a year older than him. He informed me earlier this week, after he had put on his worker boots, that he needed to get the keys to drive and pick-up Katie. I explained to him that he had A LOT of  years to go before he could drive, and Katie lived a whole day away (Ohio). I just hope that those lots of years pass slowly....gracious, I practically have a massive just watching him teeter his bicycle in the driveway. ha.
Here is a picture of Tyler with his cousins this past Christmas. Katie is right beside him.
Zachary on the other hand has two loves: food and his brother's firetruck bed. Any chance he can get he slips into Tyler's room and crawls up in his bed. He doesn't sit quietly in the bed though--he JUMPS, peers over the side, and is plain reckless. ( Thankfully, he won't be driving for lots and lots more years:)  Does anyone see a concussion in my future, or should I say Zach's future?

First up, checking to make sure the room is empty.

Next up, making sure the coast is clear.

Here he is happy as a bird with a french fry.
Zach can now say some form of "drink", "thank-you", and "ruff-ruff" -for a dog besides the typical mama, dada, hello, etc. We are working on MORE, as the precious begins screaming as soon as he runs out of food on his tray. On another note, he is doing great since we started the nebulizer treatments. That to me is an incredible blessing!!

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