June 16, 2011


My husband is a youth pastor and  a couple weeks ago we took this year's winning  youth team to Andretti's thrill park. The park consists of laser tag, go carts, games, etc. It was a lot of fun and quite an adventure for Tyler.

We stopped for lunch before arriving and one of the employees asked if we had everything we needed for our "family". Hello. We had 10 youth with us ranging from 13-17, a 3 year old and a baby. That means that I birthed 10 children in a four year time span from the age of ten to fourteen. It reminds me of the people who ask you if your child is a boy when not only are they dressed from head to toe in pink but they have a large pink bow planted on their head. Not that I have ever been asked that since I tend not to put pink bows in the boy's hair.

Andrett's was a neat place and Tyler enjoyed every second. He rode on the go carts with Daddy, he played in the park, but his absolute favorite was riding the train.

Zachy, on the other hand, was happy just to sit in his stroller and eat his little peach puffs.

I was the baby tender and purse tender ( too bad they didn't make me the cash tender:) for most of the day. I did get to play one very intense game of PacMan. The only problem was I couldn't remember if I was supposed to eat the little men or not. I quickly learned that I was supposed to be running from the little men. I also played a few games of air hockey with the hubster. He beat me every game. I never was good at hand-eye coordination games, well, for that matter any game unless talking counts:) I do believe my three year old is more coordinated than I am....


  1. we don't have that problem of people thinking we're family when we go on outings with our youth, who are almost all Caribbean. People are more like, who are those white people?

  2. Ha ha, John Mark. You made me chuckle.