June 29, 2011

See Jane. See Jane Sew. See Jane Sew with a Big Needle, Oh No!

I have always been majorly challenged in the artistic department. For example, a story I have never been able to live down, a classic story of my art capabilities would be my eighth grade year when I drew....wait for it...a stick snow man. I have no idea what possessed me to draw it, but the damage is done. Fastforward 14 years, and yeah, not much has changed. My three year old can't even make out my drawings. I'll let you in on a tiny secret, I think he probably draws better than I do.

Bearing that in mind, not only am I not artistic but craftiness wouldn't rate too high on my radar either. One of my goals has been to learn to sew. I'm not talking about the sad little knob of threads that I sew on the back of  buttons, but I mean really sew. Gracious, back in the day my Mom sewed most of her own clothes..I know,  right after she had walked up hill 5 miles to school. ha!

I was going to take a sewing class with my dear friend, Bethany Victoria, but I think our would be instructor skipped town. Smart Woman.  I ventured out on a mission to sew, with my very own two bare hands, matching outfits for my boys. I was going to sew a jon- jon (shortalls) for Zachy, but that was a bit much for a newbie. I decided to just applique a t-shirt and sew matching shorts for the boys.

I took my trusty buddy, Mom, or as I like to call her Ruby, on an all expense paid trip to Joann Fabrics. I was clueless. Mom said we need to get a pattern, and I said oh, I thought we could just guess at it. She looks at me and says we are getting a pattern. ha. She has no faith in me! Lucky for me Joann's was having some great sales. I got the fabric for 60% off, and the pattern for 40% off. I'm all set. Ready or not, here I come... Here is a sneak peek of my supplies.

Who knows, maybe next week I will tackle something else, like drawing a real snow man! You never know...

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