June 13, 2011

The Importance of Safe Driving Skills!

Recently we have been trying our best to teach the boys the importance of safe driving. We want them to learn at a young age how to handle a motor vehicle. It works out wonderfully for us since they can drive themselves to their own play dates and it frees up time for me to stay home and do household chores.  OF COURSE, they are only allowed to drive during daylight. We want to make sure we put the proper boundaries in place.

Surprisingly enough Zach was the one that took to driving the quickest.  We started him out in the stroller first.

And then he graduated to driving one of his little cars.

We have full confidence in his driving skills and so he quickly began driving the van. Its great for long trips to have a couple extra drivers.

Tyler, on the other hand, struggled with driving. He always just wanted to sleep, which obviously was a big problem.

We found a great energy drink to give him before he takes his turn at the wheel though~worked wonders. Jonathan worked with him a bit on a go cart first.

And, then he too graduated to driving the van. His little eyes are sensitive so he always requests to wear sunglasses:)

What a relief it is to have reached this milestone. Whew. I'm sure this will make their teenage years less chaotic for us.

DISCLAIMER: For the faint of heart, no we have not yet worked on teaching our boys to drive....we figured we should at least wait until they have reached the ripe old age of five:)

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  1. That is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!! Glad to have safe drivers out there and I'm kinda glad we don't drive in FL anymore. :D Just kidding, of course!