June 18, 2011


Happy Father's Day!!! I want to wish my Dad a special Father's Day! God has blessed me with an incredible Father! If I had to describe him in just a few words he would be my supporter and my fix it man. My Dad has always stood behind any dream that I have had and has helped me to accomplish my goals. He has always been my fix it man whether it be something that needs painted, cut, hung, mended ( he even sews--it may be rustic, but he sews), or fixing a broken heart. Thanks Dad, for being there for me and raising me to love and serve Christ! And a flash back from all of my notes when I was younger:
I love you little, I love you lots. My love for you will fill ten pots. Fifteen buckets, sixteen cans, two teapots and  four dishpans!

Second, I want to wish my, Father-In-Law, Mark Elvin:) a happy Father's day. I love having him as my second Dad, and even though I tease him a lot I really do love him! Thanks for raising such a wonderful son that I get to call my husband!

And lastly, a very Happy Father's Day to my Husband! Our boys are so incredibly blessed to have you as their Daddy! I love you and wish you were here with us for Father's Day:( The boys have a little something they would like to say....

I almost forgot we have a budding pianist and singer in our family. We do have a small issue with him eating the microphone, but hey a little extra fiber never hurt anyone.

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  1. Love it! Love that your posting everyday! Yeah! I've been trying harder at that too! 18 days....Love ya!!

    April Slagenweit