June 21, 2011


My husband is the talented one of the family. He is incredibly crafty and loves re-doing furniture and building things. Me--I am just the supplier, AKA the yard saler of the family. Recently, I bought an antique desk at a yard sale for $20. It needed help, but had great bones, so I brought it home to live with us. Here are the before and after pictures.

This picture was taken before all the paint was stripped off.

Paint completely stripped.

Finished Product.

Stay tuned...I found an antique dresser a few weeks ago that the hubster is going to start working on this week. Speaking of the hubster its so good to have him home!

I am definitely not the only one who is glad he is home. I caught this precious little bundle (the one without the shirt:) splashing toliet water around today. Yeah. While I was boiling scrubbing his hands I was telling Jonathan how amazing it is that such a pint sized person could get into so much trouble. He looked at me and said, uhm, Honey, I wouldn't consider him pint sized he is more like gallon sized. ha. I love that chubby little Zach.

On another note, I have a secret to tell you. I just found out today that the Fed-Ex truck is actually an ice cream truck in disguise. No joke. At least that's what Tyler believes. I wonder what would happen if I stopped the next Fed-Ex truck that passed and asked them for 2 scoops of mint chocolate chip ice cream with whipped topping and  a cherry on top:)


  1. The desk turned out super cute! He did a great job.

    Halie calls the FedEx/UPS man "The Giving Guy." I like the ice cream truck version though. : )

  2. Thanks. I'm really pleased with the desk too. My only issue now is I really don't have a good spot for it:)
    Stephanie, I love the Giving Guy. Don't you love seeing through their eyes:)