June 14, 2011

The Orchid Slayer & The Song Bird!

I did it again. Another innocent orchid bites the dust. The "green thumbed" Nurse is away on vacation so I am in charge of the office. This is only my fourth day and I'm already down an orchid. I noticed it was wilting the other day and so I spritzed it with some water and its been down hill from there. Its a joke in the office because I can never keep the plants alive. I'm good at keeping the candy dishes filled though. :O)

On a completely different note...I thought I would include a video of  Jesus Loves Me sung Tyler style. I wish I could bottle up a tiny pinch of his energy. I hope no one needs a neck brace after watching this!


  1. I'm just wondering if your comments come with insurance?? I'm pretty sure I ruined out computer when I spewed my drink all over the screen after I noticed that you had left a comment on my blog!! (not really) I am SO impressed!!!!

    I'm sorry about the orchid. Maybe they can get another one and then take it with them when they go on vacation. :D

    Tyler is darling!

  2. Crystal, thanks for the laugh! Don't be sorry about the orchid...its companion orchid is dying along with it. Oops. :)