June 12, 2011

What Am I Thankful for this Sunday?? WASHABLE MARKERS!!

Approximately an hour before church tonight Tyler and his accomplice, or should I say victim, Zachary were playing so nicely in the family room. Then  it got strangely quiet~ never a good sign! I went to check on them and Tyler had taken the lids off all the markers and put them on his fingers. Cute. I then noticed that he had marked  all over my floors and  all over himself.  (Thankfully we have hardwood floors) Then in the corner of the family room I saw a little drooling blue smurf, otherwise known as Zachary. Yep. He had used the blue marker to mark all over Zachy too! Needless to say the boys got their second bath of the day. This Sunday I am extremely thankful for washable markers....so thankful in fact that I could give the inventor of washable markers a big kiss right now.
 What are you thankful for this Sunday??

On a side note, did anyone realize that today is actually Christmas? At least that's what Tyler's been telling me. He has wished me a Merry Christmas at least three times today and even given me one of his toys as a Christmas gift. So Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

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