June 10, 2011

Tyler Turns "FREE"

I can't believe our big guy is now three. Where did the time go? I remember so many Mom's telling me enjoy every moment it goes by fast. They were so right!

Tyler thoroughly enjoyed his birthday and he spread the love by wishing all of us happy birthday too. He didn't fully get the concept that it was just his birthday. His favorite gifts would have to be his balloon and his kids camera. About a week after his birthday we downloaded his pictures, over 200 mind you, and enjoyed looking through his "camera lens". Most of his pictures were of his toys with a few of Zachy thrown in here and there. We love this little guy so much, and look forward to what his third year will bring.

I will leave you with a funny Tyler story from today. He has a huge imagination and was pretending with my Mom. I believe they were going to find food when Tyler told her they needed to play baseball instead. She started "crying" and "stomped" her foot at him and he looked at her and said, Mama, don't pitch a fit! Wonder where he has heard that before:)


  1. YAY!!! We are SO excited to see your blog. :D Unlike some of my friends - a-hem - I like to leave comments. :D

    We SOOOO enjoyed getting to see you guys while we were down there. Wish it could have been longer. You must come see us sometime.

    Love you guys lots and lots!!!

    Happy Birthday. Tyler!!

  2. Adorable pictures! I'm so glad you started this blog. Love you!