June 22, 2011

Potty Training 101

Tyler announced to me this past week that he was potty trained. Whew. I am so thankful he told me...I would never have known. ha. Through blood, sweat and tears I believe he is finally potty trained.

I feel like I have walked away from this having learned a great lesson. I will not even begin the potty training process with Zachary until he is at least ten. I am actually hoping he will potty train himself! :)


  1. You'll be glad to know it gets easier, the younger ones learn faster because of the older ones, by the time I got to the fourth one he practically did potty train himself...thankfully it was long before he was ten. "-)

    Mary Ellen

  2. Love your posts, Tonya!! I know what you mean -- my first one I was all stressed out, thinking he HAD to fit into my guidelines for potty training, etc. By the time I had #2 and #3, I came to the conclusion THEY have the only timeline and it's no use to try to push them into it until they're ready....then they basically do it all by themselves. Shew!!! Saved me a lot of un-needed stress.
    Keep the blogs coming; they're my laugh of the day. LOL
    Hugs to all of you
    Aunt Faithe

  3. Tonya...wish I knew everything I know now before I had kids, but then again, that's the fun of it all. I decided to wait till Caleb turned 3 to potty train him and it literally took him one week. It was easy and stress-free...keep looking up. You are a great mommy and the boys are blessed to have you.

    Your cousin,

  4. Thanks for the encouragement! I started potty training Tyler about a month before he turned two. (Don't asked me what possessed me:)He did great until Zach came along and then he regressed. Long story short its been a year long process. I will definitely take the advice of waiting until Zach is three...
    Aunt Faithe, glad you found us:)
    Christa, wish you were coming to the Family reunion this summer!! Love you!

  5. Yes! I love your posts too! I told David your so funny and witty with what you say!


  6. Tonya, I was the same way with our first. We were both miserable. Then along came #2 and I decided that when HE was ready, we could start trying to potty train. He was three. Then with #3, she practically trained herself and she wasn't even two, yet. Now we have #4 and 5 to go and we'll have them all trained. :D Don't let all the "you're supposed to do it this way" get in your way. Enjoy these years. :)