June 24, 2011

Roses are RED Violets are BLUE, I went to the OUTLETS maybe YOU should Go Too!'

Typically after Christmas and Easter I like to hit up the outlet mall closest to us for their big sales. I guess today counts as an after Easter sale/ close to end of summer sale kind of day. I got a lovely little invite to go along with my parents, bless their hearts. We loaded up the double stroller, double food for small fry, sippy, bottles, dvd player, extra outfits, toys, blankies, the kitchen sink and two small children and we were off.
Children's place had an incredible sale. I love to stock up on sweater vests for the boys there, and today they were marked down to $2.99. Not only were the sweater vests marked down to $2.99, but so were the sweaters and a variety of other items. I bought the boys a couple matchy-matchy items for this next spring/summer. Take a peek.

My next big stop was Gymboree. I love Gymboree, but I don't like to pay a lot, AKA cheapskate. Today Gymboree was having a huge sale where everything in the store was $10.99 or less. YIPPY! Here are a couple of the play outfits that I bought for Tyler that will fit him this winter/spring.

The tiny tiger shirt and matching pants were each $2.99. The baseball shirt was $2.49 and the pants were $1.99.
Our driver for the day! I have told him how important it is to keep both hands on the wheel at all times... BOYS, they just don't listen! :)

Back to the potty training topic...Tyler has this issue with wanting to share with random people that he now poops in the potty. Its special. Today he chose a sweet little Grandma to tell his news to. I was hoping Grandma was hard of hearing. She wasn't. She went right along with him and congratulated him. She told me, in a sweet little accent, Oh, Honey you have your hands full, but think nothing of it I had five". She then informed me that the way she had survived was by using EAR PLUGS. That's a little nugget of truth I will have to store away:) ha.

So, what are you waiting for.....get to the OUTLETS!


  1. I hate to rain on your parade but your close to the end of summer sale was really a summer has just begun sale, the first official day of summer was just a few days ago - we get quite a few more glorious weeks of this hot and sticky weather. I personally console myself by spending at much time as I can by gazing out upon the ocean with that wonderul breeze blowing my golden locks....or something. "-) Looks like you got some great bargains!

    Mary Ellen

  2. We just went yesterday and stocked up, too. :) Unfortunately, the vests and sweaters were not in our boys sizes, but we still got some great things.

  3. Mary Ellen, you make me chuckle! I especially love your comment on your luck at winning the giveaway:)

    Crystal, glad you found some great deals too. Too bad they didn't have the sweaters and vests for your little guys:(