June 22, 2011

Death By Treadmill

With every teeny tiny itty bitty fiber of my being I loathe exercising! I only have two options though: its either exercise or wire my mouth shut. Although, I think wiring my mouth shut would be the simpler of the two. My worry with that is without fluids I would dehydrate and dry up like a prune. So my options are narrowed down to one: I MUST EXERCISE.

 The BEAST, otherwise known as the treadmill, is now sitting in my family room instead of the garage to encourage me to use it. Sadly, it really hasn't helped its just an extra hiding place for dust.  Here is the thing, I climb on the treadmill and exercise until my legs start quaking and I start seeing spots. I look and see that I have burned  20 calories. Wohoo. I am so proud of myself, but wait only 20 calories? That means that I only burned off the calories from the sugar free piece of gum I accidentally swallowed. AUGH! I am exaggerating and I know it is totally worth it to exercise. Not only to lose weight, but more importantly to stay healthy. My heart is a muscle and by exercising it makes my heart happy. I get it.

 Why should I exercise today, I ask myself?? Its the right thing to do. Its the healthy thing to do. It will give my heart a new lease on life. etc, etc.  It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that if I exercise it will help me feel less guilty about eating a piece of left over birthday cake:)

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