June 27, 2011

Monday Madness

Does anyone agree with me that laundry multiplies from Saturday night to Monday morning?? I'm always amazed on Mondays at how much laundry I have in two days time. I think what I might do is get rid of all of my children's clothing except one every day outfit, one dress outfit and a pair of pajamas. Then instead of bathing them I will just throw them in the washer with their clothes on. Saves me time and money. Wouldn't that cause head trauma or breathing issues, you might ask. Well, I've figured it out. I would cut a hole in the top of the washer for their head to stick out and I would use the delicate cycle. I definitely would not put them in the dryer. I figured I would just drive them to a parking lot and let them lie out on the cement for awhile. No worries though I would lather them with sunscreen--and I would be careful to use the sunscreen that doesn't cause cancer! I only want what's best for my children! ha.

Speaking of Monday Madness... I realized that I definitely was not operating on all cylinders today when I handed my hubby a sippy full of milk instead of the chid standing right next to me. My husband just looked at me and grinned.

Tyler was full of energy and quirky comments today. He came barreling out of his room, while he was supposed to be napping, yelling Mom, I've got a job to do...let's get to work! I quickly reminded him that the only job he would be doing was napping. Unfortunately, he wasn't too excited about that job!

Tyler also looked up at me today, and said, "Mom, you're a smart kid"! Why, thank-you. I think.

Zach and his bat. He drags it everywhere....and everywhere that Zachy went, Zachy went, Zachy went, everywhere that Zachy went his bat was sure to go. It followed him to school one day, school one day, school one day....

Zach is now officially 11 months old. He is eating big boy food and loving it. Not only is he eating big boy food, but other random objects. I saw him munching on something today, and thought maybe he had stuffed a little piece of paper in his mouth or something of the like. Tyler told me ,Mom, he has a sea shell in his mouth. I just smiled thinking yeah right. When I should have been thinking, yeah, you are right.  Here is the little offender.

Where did this shell come from?? I've decided not only does laundry multiply,but toys and random objects also multiply in our house!

Stay tuned I have another giveaway coming up....

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